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Maternity portraits
Maternity portraits are best around 32-34 weeks when your belly is beautifully round but you are not too uncomfortable yet. For maternity portraits we suggest you bring black and white tops for yourself and your husband/boyfriend.  We do have tops at the studio and lots of different color material. If you want to know if we have something specific, feel free to call and ask. Definitely bring jeans... if they are maternity jeans, please make sure you do not wear the band over your belly for a few hours before you show up so there are no elastic marks. That will save us on tedious Photoshop work. Worried about stretch marks? Don't! No belly is perfect (believe us, we know!) We will BEAUTIFULLY retouch everything. You will look beautiful and your belly will be PERFECT.
Newborns portraits
Newborns portraits are best between 4 and 10 days of life when babies are still tiny and sleep a lot! 
What to bring?
  • We highly recommend you bring plain black long-sleeved black tops and jeans. Make sure to bring a change of clothes too, because most of the time, your little one will pee on us - and you won't like driving home wet! :)
  • Extra formula (unless you are breast feeding! Then you are set!) because babies LOVE to eat here. All parents tell me their babies' bellies are full..... and then.... they eat more! Studio M makes them HUNGRY! Haha! That's ok.... full bellies = happy babies!
  • Extra diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. 
  • Anything you want to photograph your baby with! Anything at all that will personalize your portraits! Look through our website! Yes, MOST of those props are ours! However, when you see images like newborns with firefighter things or football gear, well, that's usually daddy’s stuff! We LOVE to personalize portraits! Need something and don't have it? Have questions? Call us! We will help you! We LOVE to create!
Is there anything I should do before I leave the house with my newborn?
YES! Here are some tips that tend to work well. You want your newborn to be tired when we start. Now, I know what you are thinking.... 'That won't be a problem Maria because our little one sleeps non-stop!' - Haha! We have heard that A LOT.  BUT.... brace yourself... your little one will show up at our studio ready to be awake for a long time because it's new, big and interesting.... so PLEASE follow these tips! They REALLY help! AND.... if you are bringing something special, please call and let us know! The more we know, the more prepared we will be!

  • Give your baby a bath right before you leave the house. Yes I know, newborns HATE baths. It's wet, they are cold and they don't like it. How do I know that? I have kids! But... what a bath does, other than make your baby smell oh so good, is it makes them tired...... YAY! That is GOOD for a portrait session!
  • Try NOT to feed them until you get here! So... If your appointment is at 9am, try to show up at 8:30am.... that gives you a 1/2 hour to feed them and some time for us to talk and get acquainted. Don't worry! The studio is big and there are plenty of private areas if you want to nurse. We are all about making you comfortable too, so if there is anything you need, please ask. Once they are tired and their bellies are full.... guess what? The portraits are AMAZING! We can play with them, enjoy them and photograph them anyway we want!!!
  • Traveling from far away? Yes we understand! MANY of our clients drive anywhere from 1 to 3 hours away. If that is your case, then, we do the best we can. No matter what, we always take our time and get beautiful images of your baby and family. We promise! The most important thing is that you show up smiling. Getting here is often the hardest part... but remember... babies are little humans! They feel what YOU feel! So take a deep breath and de-stress! Life is good!
Note to daddies: At Studio M, we understand that men in general don't tend to 'love' being photographed, and we will make this as painless as possible... but ALSO REMEMBER that this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience... and we REALLY appreciate your patience!  (PS- side note: My husband doesn't 'love it' either!) 
Reminder: Our newborn appointments are scheduled for 120 minutes.  We know that this sounds like a LOT but it's really not and goes by FAST! We want to get the most beautiful portraits for you and your family! So, give us your time and patience and we will give you amazing images to cherish forever! We are really looking forward to meeting you and your new family!
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