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Plan ahead so that you are not rushed to get to your appointment. You will look rushed and stressed if you are. 

Rest Up
Getting your portraits taken takes a lot of work from you! Get plenty of rest the night before so you are ready for the day. You will look tired in your portraits if you really are. 

Anything that says you is welcomed! Props can be as simple as your class ring, a jean jacket, sunglasses, hats, flip flops, scarves, uniforms, awards, or even your IPod. Bring your instrument or any sports related stuff. Sometimes simple is best...props are not necessary if you don't want to bring them. 

Don't try a new hairstyle for your session and have your hair cut around a week before your session is scheduled. 

For Girls
Makeup can affect the way your portrait looks. Both fresh, natural makeup or "evening" makeup photograph well. Lip gloss is a must in order to avoid dry lips (gloss can be plain or color). 

For Guys
A fresh shave is a must! If you have a beard, make sure it has been trimmed to your liking. If you plan on wearing a tie, please tie it before you come. 

For your yearbook picture, head/shoulder shots, and close-ups, dress in something very simple both in color and style. Guys usually wear a sport coat, suit, or sweater. Girls, something simple on the neck both in style and color is best. We do have a drape if you decide that is what you want. However, we feel a black top/sweater always looks nice and v-necks photograph especially well. Long sleeves are highly suggested to allow the face to dominate the image. Darker shades are more slimming. Bare shoulders or spaghetti straps can sometimes make you look heavier unless you are extremely thin to begin with. Strips, plaids, checkered, and bold prints also draw the eye away from the face and do not photograph well. Bring more than less! We can help you pick when you get to our dressing room and we can give you suggestions on what will look best! If you are interested in a white on white portrait, bring a white or pale pastel outfit. Black (long sleeved) is a must and a good choice for black and white portraits or for a dramatic look in color. The informal portraits invite much more variety in clothing, color, and style. Be creative and wear what is you! 

Outdoor Session
Bring a casual outfit that will blend with natural outdoor settings. Earth tones are an excellent choice. Also, always have a dark top for outdoors. Black, dark blue/green, and brown colors are suggested. For the summer, feel free to bring different tops...have at least one long sleeve and short sleeve or spaghetti strap. Also, remember that simple styles photograph best. If you have an outdoor hobby or interest, such as backpacking, jogging, or biking, bring your gear. We would also be happy to photograph you with your car, dog, horse, bike, or motorcycle. Occasionally, a different location may be suggested for these to get the best lighting depending on the time of day. We need to be informed of these requests ahead of time to appropriately plan your session. 

Other Miscellaneous Tips
If you are having portraits done with other family members or friends, make sure that everyone "matches" their always looks best! It's always best to be alone at these sessions or with only one other person. More than one person usually means too many distractions for the person getting portraits made. This can disrupt the session and can affect the quality of your images/expressioins. Keep the cell phone off while portraits are being made or have your "helper" answer it for you. Music will be played during your studio shoot. If you have requests, you can bring your own music or have on whatever station you wish. We want this to be fun and relaxing for you. This will help to get the best expressions and attitude to shine through in your images. Search through our image gallery for other seniors that have been here to see what you like and don't like and let us know when you arrive. 
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